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Gentlemen, learn to wear the suit! 

Job interview, your best friend's wedding: no more T-shirt, the choice of a men's suit becomes urgent. Between George Clooney's tuxedo and your grandfather's suit, it's hard to make the right choice. Rest assured: we are here to advise you!

As a classy and distinguished man, on various occasions, wearing a suit "is de rigueur". And yes, the blazer is not enough, you can't wear a "Cambridge student" style! Basic rule: the suit is a jacket and trousers of the same colour. For a first suit, choose discretion. You will be sure to be able to wear it in any occasion, to blend in and not look like a clown. So no extravagances. You'll save the big polka dot tie and colourful buttons for your next birthday party in disguise!

Go for the classic.


 Special basic rules for beginners :


Opt for a two or three-piece suit, simple. The costume rather easy to wear every day!


A suit can be worn perfectly fitted, even curved. This will prevent you from looking drowned in your suit or looking like a penguin! A well-fitted jacket becomes like a second skin.


More details to help you:


The jacket sleeves should not be too long and the shirt sleeve should stop at the wrist bone. Therefore, the gap between the sleeves of the shirt and jacket should be one inch wide. This allows any cufflinks to be visible or to add a simple aesthetic touch to the shirt's edging. The shoulder seam stops right at the end of the shoulder. If you are wearing a three-button blazer, only the middle button should be closed, and in the case of a two-button blazer, leave the bottom button open.


The object of the game is to get a nice "fall". Translation: Banish pants that are too wide, folded all the way down and make you look like an accordion. The professionals unanimously agree that the pants should only "break" once, at the ankle. Thanks to these few rules, your investment in your costume will be rewarded with a look that will knock the ladies you meet off their feet!


Dark grey or navy blue are two perfect colours for a passe-partout suit. The ideal is to wear a plain suit. However, if you are fascinated by stripes or checks, opt for the fineness of the pattern. Be aware that, in general, plain or vertical stripes are slimming.


Wool is definitely the queen of suits: indeed, it is not very wrinkled and will allow you to keep a classy look. Of course, if you're worried that you won't be able to wear your wool suit in the summer, you should know that the designers have thought of you: and yes, there are suits made of lightweight wool! But if it still doesn't suit you, then choose a linen suit but be careful, it will wrinkle more easily and make you look less dressy... . Avoid wearing it the day you have a business meeting for example.


Choose a good, timeless classic that every man wears with pride and that you will quickly adopt: a pair of black shoes, either lace-up or buckled.

Now you know everything!

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